Wednesday, May 13, 2009

monkey border fabric

I found another source to print my designs - this is pricier but it is on silk or silk twill or cotton sheeting. Fabric width is more generous but minimum yardage is bigger. What the heck is the use really. It is my fate to pay in life and not to be paid.

I just don't have the knack or fire in the belly or something. Still, if i could sew - I mean really sew competently - not just the quavery wavery seams i achieve in quilting - I would love to construct a garment with this little guy in a border repeat. I can imagine folks asking where I got this clever fabric. me. I'd say - me. I designed the fabric - and for thus and such a price I will sell you some.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

tentatively back

life is humming along. I'm into my third cast. This one is yellow - I had hoped for a sunny buttercup, instead the color leaves chameleons hoping to meet that big mama with the funny sticky outy things (my toes). But it pays to be flamboyant now and again. I took a little one day watercolor session at SCAD. The point was to experiment with techniques and the class was called no fear watercolor. I am still scared of the medium. But i do love the colors you get on accident, as today's youth would say.