Wednesday, September 9, 2009

van jones

To say that I am upset with the way the new regime is operating is the understatement of the week. I mentioned health care - or more properly government care on my face book and lost two friends. I'm agin it and the two guys who jettisoned me were also against it. But there were two other guys for it and the gloves came off after a polite post or two and then all hell broke loose. It got very personal - turns out I'm a mindless knitwit. Well anyone who knows me , knows that already. Sadly the two who abandoned me because they didn't need the invectives hurled their way are the reason we're going to lose our country. Too much hassle to stay involved or to stay informed. The democrats and the media have done an excellent job marginalizing Fox news, conservative talk radio, Sara Palin, republicans and anybody else who does not agree with their world view. I have friends in the Northeast who have never tuned into Fox news but believe that anyone who does is a knuckle dragging flat earther. They prefer to get their news from NPR or one of the mainstream media outlets. I figured out a long time ago that those outlets control the dissemination of knowledge by omission.

This brings me to Van Jones. Quite a piece of work is mr. Jones. A bigot with a big mouth and an oratory style which combines characteristics of the Kingfish of Amos and Andy and Sportin Life in Porgy and Bess. If you've seen Reverend Wright do his thang against whitey and America then you've seen Van Jones in action. Now, the mainstream media never reported on Mr. Jones other than to tell the cudchewers out there that he was an up and coming youngster invited by Mr. Obama into the whitehouse fold to advise him regarding the environment and light bulbs and such like. The green tzar. An avowed communist - (a by now discredited philosophy) who hates America, capitalism, caucasions and a conspiracy theory nut. Mr. Jones has been a veritable feather in the wind - floating here and there but ever and always atuned to an anti-America cause.

The whole Obama Whitehouse infrastructure with the various Tzars is very disturbing to me. When they get their way on Government care they are going to hire a new one who will oversee all of the implementation of guv health care. There seems to be a never ending supply of left leaning, America hating, spread the wealthers and Obama shuffles through them til he finds the most radical. Obama is a fellow traveler. He is very comfortable in their company.

So far on foreign affairs, he has been a disaster. Allowing the like of Conyers and nadler to prosecute the CIA is despicable. The world is moving away from us. The picture of Chavez and Achmadenijad in a lip lock tells it all. Now we are going to have a one on one with North Korea. That guy already humiliated us once with the Clinton visit. I don't think Obama is ready for prime time in the broader game of world politics.

His millieu is a cosy tete a tete with lefty American Academics who have never created a job, run a company, or indeed mixed with the despised masses. They look down from the Ivory Tower and see whats wrong with all of us and they just gotta tell us. Bill Ayers, Bernadette Dorne (recently eluded to on the Mason murders anniversary) Reverend Wright, Van jones, Ezekiel Emmanuel, Cas Sunstein. These are the fabric of Obama's life.