Saturday, August 24, 2013

alive but far from well.

Mean Miss Clementine
I have been attacking life with both fists and it has retaliated.  All the usual occurrences - birth, death, infinity have come my way.  Lots of cleaning up people's belongings - very sad.  All the things they treasured reduced to about 15 cents in the desirability market.

I say, I will not leave my children with all the detritus to clean up - I say it and I mean it at the time- but life for me consists of new projects started with a 2 hour search for items I know I own but haven't seen recently.  In my mind they are in a pristine utopia of neatness and perfect preservation.  In reality, they reside in some container I threw them in because house guests were coming and I needed to scrape a surface clean for seating them.

I am making dolls - more accurately, I am on step two of lessons that have gone 87 pages beyond me.  I am hooked on classes from A for Artistic.  Way beyond my comfort zone - soldering and stringing and sculpting.

I am gearing up for a painting class with Kevin Beilfus - please check his work out - Mahvelous

The Green Skirt
I have taken from him before - this is a pastel of his model Ha Pham.  The doll is paper clay and I am learning how to create wigs.  I am having a bit of a problem there too.