Saturday, August 24, 2013

alive but far from well.

Mean Miss Clementine
I have been attacking life with both fists and it has retaliated.  All the usual occurrences - birth, death, infinity have come my way.  Lots of cleaning up people's belongings - very sad.  All the things they treasured reduced to about 15 cents in the desirability market.

I say, I will not leave my children with all the detritus to clean up - I say it and I mean it at the time- but life for me consists of new projects started with a 2 hour search for items I know I own but haven't seen recently.  In my mind they are in a pristine utopia of neatness and perfect preservation.  In reality, they reside in some container I threw them in because house guests were coming and I needed to scrape a surface clean for seating them.

I am making dolls - more accurately, I am on step two of lessons that have gone 87 pages beyond me.  I am hooked on classes from A for Artistic.  Way beyond my comfort zone - soldering and stringing and sculpting.

I am gearing up for a painting class with Kevin Beilfus - please check his work out - Mahvelous

The Green Skirt
I have taken from him before - this is a pastel of his model Ha Pham.  The doll is paper clay and I am learning how to create wigs.  I am having a bit of a problem there too.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

van jones

To say that I am upset with the way the new regime is operating is the understatement of the week. I mentioned health care - or more properly government care on my face book and lost two friends. I'm agin it and the two guys who jettisoned me were also against it. But there were two other guys for it and the gloves came off after a polite post or two and then all hell broke loose. It got very personal - turns out I'm a mindless knitwit. Well anyone who knows me , knows that already. Sadly the two who abandoned me because they didn't need the invectives hurled their way are the reason we're going to lose our country. Too much hassle to stay involved or to stay informed. The democrats and the media have done an excellent job marginalizing Fox news, conservative talk radio, Sara Palin, republicans and anybody else who does not agree with their world view. I have friends in the Northeast who have never tuned into Fox news but believe that anyone who does is a knuckle dragging flat earther. They prefer to get their news from NPR or one of the mainstream media outlets. I figured out a long time ago that those outlets control the dissemination of knowledge by omission.

This brings me to Van Jones. Quite a piece of work is mr. Jones. A bigot with a big mouth and an oratory style which combines characteristics of the Kingfish of Amos and Andy and Sportin Life in Porgy and Bess. If you've seen Reverend Wright do his thang against whitey and America then you've seen Van Jones in action. Now, the mainstream media never reported on Mr. Jones other than to tell the cudchewers out there that he was an up and coming youngster invited by Mr. Obama into the whitehouse fold to advise him regarding the environment and light bulbs and such like. The green tzar. An avowed communist - (a by now discredited philosophy) who hates America, capitalism, caucasions and a conspiracy theory nut. Mr. Jones has been a veritable feather in the wind - floating here and there but ever and always atuned to an anti-America cause.

The whole Obama Whitehouse infrastructure with the various Tzars is very disturbing to me. When they get their way on Government care they are going to hire a new one who will oversee all of the implementation of guv health care. There seems to be a never ending supply of left leaning, America hating, spread the wealthers and Obama shuffles through them til he finds the most radical. Obama is a fellow traveler. He is very comfortable in their company.

So far on foreign affairs, he has been a disaster. Allowing the like of Conyers and nadler to prosecute the CIA is despicable. The world is moving away from us. The picture of Chavez and Achmadenijad in a lip lock tells it all. Now we are going to have a one on one with North Korea. That guy already humiliated us once with the Clinton visit. I don't think Obama is ready for prime time in the broader game of world politics.

His millieu is a cosy tete a tete with lefty American Academics who have never created a job, run a company, or indeed mixed with the despised masses. They look down from the Ivory Tower and see whats wrong with all of us and they just gotta tell us. Bill Ayers, Bernadette Dorne (recently eluded to on the Mason murders anniversary) Reverend Wright, Van jones, Ezekiel Emmanuel, Cas Sunstein. These are the fabric of Obama's life.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

posting new pic - but oh my health care

I went to see aged relatives in real need of health care. People that have paid into the system and therefore for everyone who hasn't for years - now they need help - but they will handle it privately and with dignity. Started a discussion on healthcare on facebook and the venomous hatred against Bush and repubs is palpable. On the other hand - we are being swept along by folks who voted for change - and that meant change from Bush - I'm not quite sure it mean change to France or change to canada. Obama is the blind date we pinned our hopes on and he turns out to be the (figuratively speeking) buck toothed, acne ridden oaf we will have to spend the next 4 years with. He either needs to grow up fast and take charge - or let nancy Pelosi and barney frank gross people out for the next four years so we can vote 'em all out.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

obama and the hit list

I have arrived - not one but two letters from David Axelrod of the Whitehouse. He slurps at the great man's feet on a daily basis. Wowee. They need me - they need me to refute the angry mob of swastika bearing hooligans disrupting these town meetings. They need me to ridicule all of the well dressed (ala Barbara Boxer) nuts who presume to question the President's idea of what is best for America. I can't. I agree with them - except for those with the swastikas of course

The Congress and Senate are bewildered - even flabbergasted by the negative reaction. That should speak volumes. Irrefutable evidence of how distant Washington, D.C. is from their own constituents. They seem to feel that we are incapable of seeing what a great deal this is. We should all just open wide and swallow. I'm not going into all the problems with the healthcare proposal - others are more eloquent.

What disturbs me is the elitist attitude. To characterize protesters of the health care plan as nazis or white sheeted kkk people came from Nancy Pelosi on day one of the town hall forums. I happen to have the boob tube on all day and watched and heard that heap of evil vapidity say that about who???? At that time it was just het up regular citizens. Where the hell was she during Watts - or the Rodney King riots. Ask a few dead Korean store owners what a really angry mob is all about. That truck driver forever brain damaged.

The 13 year old kid that saw mean signs when she went to the NH Obama love fest cannot be real. It probably took all her mother's intellect and ingenuity to write out that question for her to read. How stupid and gullible does Obama think we are. Its this kind of tactic that leads to so much distrust. Maybe it is shocking to the media and the dems that just regular people are actually vehemently expressing their opinions. They are used to condoning real radicals. NAry a word was said when Bush was depicted as Hitler on several occasions - or when his motorcade was stoned - or when art films came out depicting his assasination. That was considered the people's right to voice their opnion. This shoe on the other foot bit is not to be tolerated.

Apparently David reads this blog. Dave - we need to break up. Please don't write again - I asked you the last time you wrote. i don't like the plan - I worry about it for my grandchildren- I have yet to see any politician with a talent for anticipating unintended consequences.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

dancing girls

I'm doing a series on Indonesia and these little girls will figure in