Thursday, January 31, 2008



Buckley Meets a Thing

Anyway, as i was saying. I had just been joyfully reunited with an embroidery project involving silk ribbons, beads and silk skeins of thread - not to mention expensive silk.

I need not tell you that dogs take a vital interest in all things human and where they think they can be helpful or perhaps, to join in any fun that is to be had, they count themselves present.

I don't know what he thought - maybe he thought I was preparing food-an activity dear to his heart. Afterall, I was in the kitchen and working on the island where, from time to time, food reigned down on him as he took his accustomed post - leaning imploringly into my left leg.

Anyway, as soon as I sorted out the jumble --- more later

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Dogs - are they necessary

i suppose I would have to answer in the affirmative. Although on this very morning I was given the occasion to curse all things canine. Philosophically speaking, it may have been for the best. You see a piece of needlework i started 15 years previously turned up when I was rummaging around in bins and bags containing all of the false starts and bored with projects consigned to said bins and bags.

These projects usually precede some major art work I tackle. I suppose it is fear of failure in a painting that propels me to Michael's or Hobby Lobby where I imagine myself knitting some intricate shawl or embarking on crewel chair cushions. There i drop a hundred bucks on all the supplies necessary to complete some hand wrought masterpiece - knit two rows and drop a stitch (get thee to a bin) or embroider some daisy or two on a giant tablecloth (into the bin goes tablecloth) well you get the picture -- somebody said unfinished projects indicate a fear of death. hmmm and a fear of art.

Anyway, I have a couple of juvenile sealyham terriers - wonderful breeds but... drat out of space

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Happy Valentines's Day- Cupid and his many loves

I didn't make this guy in time for any capitalistic profit. Such is the inexorable fate I am destined to live out. Always the gal who just talked her mother into the crinoline skirt-descripton of skirt follows- black with powder blue crinolines onto which i sewed about 30 jingle bells). Alas, all the world is now wearing the body hugging slim line with the peek-a-boo slit up the back hem. Not that I ever had much to peek at. No - I swept triumphantly and jangily into West Miami Junior High only to know the bitterness and emptiness of the phony gesture. That 6 yards of crinoline which had required no less than 3 hissy fits, was no more me than the vampish straight skirt I was soon to adopt along with the Veronica Lake hairstyle. And I wore it only the one time - to much ridicule.

Junior High - surely Dante missed a category - anyway-
the muse was late and I was looking further on in the season. Winter has never been my fave. Violets and lilacs are more in my line. But I will pass on something I read and I think it is worth noting. According to folklore, St. Valentine's day is the day that birds choose their mates. So there you go - I can now begin to shed some of the clutter in my brain so that when I am diaper bound in some rest home, I don't mutter this in the ear of an insensitive lout (an embittered diaper changer) who reports me to the front office who will deem me gaga and suspend bingo priveleges.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Ibu in a Chinese Bowl

I posed my peke puppy in a Chinese bowl with a chinese jacket. The bowl and the jacket were purchased by me in Jakarta, Indonesia. The bowl, at the pottery market; the jacket was one of those deals I seem destined to repeat.

A friend says to you - I have this jacket which I find I have no real occasion to wear. I wore it to an Embassy function and never again. Would you like to have it?

Me - failing to read code and the gimlet eye of the friend - jump at it. Then friend says that will be $60 bucks.

Anyhoo, I still have the jacket and the bowl - alas, little Ibu rides the great sky dragon these many years now. She was a sweet soul. I painted this in pastel and a version in oil. The pastel version is soon to be listed on my ebay store auction site - when I can find a minute to list it. The piece will be a giclee print. I am still trying to figure all of this out.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

red work

I'm designing redwork patterns and some day - some day- I hope to collect all my textile related items in a book - then to get the book published - fancy that - me and 50 gazillion others hope to get published. The Gods must chuckle. In the meantime go to my store on ebay - papertiguer design studio

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New year

I hope everyone has a happy, safe but reckless kind of a new year. I am resolved to take chances, take opportunity and recognize it when it comes along, and just generally live larger than i have in the past. If that means changing from milk chocolate to dark - then so be it.