Thursday, December 13, 2007


Zounds - I just heard that achmedinijad (apol0gies to he of that difficult name to spell and pronounce). Has a blog - just as I was dipping a toe in the blog-0-sphere. It's all over now. Gone are the days when art and literature had a place at the cosmic table. Now all will be swept aside as bloggyloos have their heads filled with insights re: America, the great Satan as perceived by the man from Iran.

having lived abroad for two years, i was well aware America was the great Satan. Being in a painting group with two Dutch women, that point was repeatedly brought home to one. I was circumspect. Even when a French member of the group wee-weed her agreement. The two Dutch ladies were fond of harkening back to Rembrandt and the implied affect was that his blood flowed in their veins and blessed their brushes with his divine guidance. I will refrain from expressing my opinion on their work. They were happy with it.

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Bill said...

We are the proud owner of several works by Ms. Tigue. The utter whimsical of her work makes us giggle from the soul.

We have purchased her designed cards to be sent for our business and personal season's greetings...

She's a wonder!!!