Thursday, February 28, 2008

I'm always taken aback - a constant state for me - when someone tells me they downloaded and framed one of my images. Images I hope to sell. Geezemcrow. I'm not talking Thomas Kincaide -"the painter of light" (hmm, I thought that was caravaggio, or vermeer or somebody) or even PIno - no I'm talking chump change -- enough for validation -- enough for printer ink, for God's sake.

I even have an embedded watermark - i must be doing something wrong with, because it has never appeared anyway.

The worst is when someone just rips it off as their own. I believe one of my images is used as the avatar for someone in India who goes by the name santa banta. This is hardly surprising, when i was in Indonesia, i was amazed to learn that the telephone was invented by an Indonesian, as was radio and television. More rants later...

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