Sunday, February 17, 2008

westminster reminds me

i am currently working on a concept that has been heretofore out of reach - i have done several version of clytie over the years and never happy. If i get this one done i will post it. Incidentally, I am thrilled to announce that a relative of Buckley's has won best terrier at Westminster Kennel Club. My Dad was a beagler so I am happy for Uno - who, like his name was #1. I am sure that Dad and his old beagle - Diane's Bess of Shanbrook(a Christmas present when I was 5) are reunited in the happy hunting ground - Nary a rabbit will they chase because Dad never killed one and bess was never taught to kill. She was kept purely as a musical instrument to augment a good days' tromp through the bracken and brush - a romantic gesture between the Voice of Bugle Ann and "Ol' Blue." I can attest that when she died "she died so hard, it shook the ground in my back yard." And if he had one,he would have "dug her grave with a silver spade, and lowered her down with a golden chain."

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