Sunday, March 16, 2008

coon's age

Happy Birthday to all March people. We missed the Saint Pat's parade in Savannah. I paid homage at Kroger - bought some potatoes and herein follows an irish soup recipe - peel a bunch of red skinned potatoes until you get bored. Then boil them in chicken broth until they are mushy. Mash them up and add 1 thing of philly cream cheese and one can of cream of chicken soup and some milk or half and half if you like to live rebelliously. Take off the heat and add chopped chives and crunchy bacon. Serve with a smattering of sharp cheddar on top. Go get yourself a beer and some French Bread (you can dye it green) and think of the old country. P.S. you can omit the chicken soup - i like it better - if you store this you can make potatoe pancakes because it sort of sets of like wall paper paste. Just add a mashed potatoe or two if too loose. Make sure you chop up some onions in it. Dredge in egg batter and flour and fry in bacon grease and you're off to the races.

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