Monday, April 14, 2008

more - still not cooled off

Suffice it to say- they never offered their work in a juried setting or submitted to a critique (it was that little suggestion that had me looking for my head and turning in my keys). Now they were the keeper of the co-op flame. They were a cross between the old sorceress in King Solomon's Mines and Miss Haversham in Great Expectations. It was the institution they defended - they forgot about art a couple of decades back.

Where is this going - i don't know - all i know is when i see fifty eight 11X14 inch paintings of herons in a marsh all done by different people - at two different galleries it brings the old
co-op back. Maybe I'm wrong - maybe they were on the right track - afterall there were only two paintings of three pears rendered by two different artists per month in the co-op, and after all someone may want to put one of those works (11X14) in their breakfast nook. If they have a breakfast nook.

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