Monday, May 26, 2008

I frightened a little mouse under her chair

Apologies to my two readers - things have been hectic here and will be for a bit - and I hope just a bit more. In the meantime, summer is in full swing here and we (the dogs) have laid waste to a burgeoning crop of mole youngsters who mistakenly saw our estate as a fine place to plunder. 'twarn't so, alas. The piece I am posting was one of my first conversions from an intaglio plate I had done, to a digital rendering.

A bit crude here and there, but enough of a taste of the new medium to have me hooked. As in fine art, I am self-taught and as a consequence don't know what the h---- I'm doing, but it's grand when things work - even if it is a teeny corner of a piece.

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