Saturday, May 10, 2008

Lewis Carroll

I feel just like these little fish when I have a brain lapse and join some book purchasing scheme. It seems so appealing - you get a fabulous book amongst your 4 choices for a dollar or something and then you only have to buy one or two at the regular price within a year. I've done this a couple of times in my life. Quell disaster. I'm never on top of things enough to stem the flow of "watercolor with zip" books that seem to predominate the art how to books. I'm also taking, for the first time, an online craft class. I will not divulge what lest I wound a feeling or two.

I merely mentioned on the on line chat room that I am all thumbs, only to get a 3 page treaties on striving for excellence and never giving up until your thingy looks exactly like her thingy. Of course I'm striving for excellence - of course i'm trying my damndest - doesn't stop me from being a klutz. but a klutz with a will to succeed.
God spare me humourless women - excellent as they may be.

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