Wednesday, June 18, 2008

How to catch a polar bear

it has been a mixed time for me. Before I unload my wittle cares and woes, I shall pass on this little joke I illustrated. I heard it in the 4th grade and it has stayed with me for 50 years. The 4th grade embodies trembling on the brink - too young to know about sex , yet vaguely aware something untoward is hovering out there. Something dark and mortifying. You've put to rest the wonderful fiction of Santa Claus and begun the deep distrust of adults. By then you have met many types of kids - some to emulate, some to despise and some that shock your socks off with the depravity of these little jokes you don't quite get. The rabbit, the turtle and the lizard are another such and of course confucious say: Anyway, on to my present world - saved a baby parakeet by feeding it every two hours for 3 weeks (including two times at night) but had the misfortune to receive a rejection letter from a fabric design concern who was concerned i was not famous enough for them. A pox upon their house.

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