Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I have a little job for you

I am swamped - computer went haywire - house a mess, trying to navigate ETSY - etc.etc.etc. I need a familiar. I have plenty of familiars but they never perform tasks for me or magically fold laundry when I twitch my nose. They just pee in the house and look at me brazenly when I yell "who did this!"
i love Savannah but sometimes I miss the New England climate. When there is a nip in the air your internal sensors tell you its time to stock up,
make apple cider, get your firewood in order and haul out that knitting project you started but could never fathom yo sl2 yo sl2. That wonderful misty moisty atmoshphere where the world is full of slate grays, gauzy blues from chimneys and burnt oranges and scarlets of the maple leaves. Halloween is about my favorite time and in New England we lived next to a colonial cemetery. The boys played there and in the winter sledded down the rutted hill road that ringed the solemn and ancient sleepers there. It was a magic place and quite witchy. The town tomb was on the grounds and in olden times the dead were placed in its capacious vault awaiting the thawing of the ground in spring. I imagine there was quite the que. Many typhus and diptheria victims. Whole families of children. Horrible to have them in there and -accessible almost- and then go through the whole funeral thing again in the spring. My oldest son, i found out recently, shut my two middle sons in when they were 8 and 9. he and his friend howled with glee at their screams. Ah youth, what larks, as Jo Gargery would say.

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