Tuesday, August 26, 2008

little actors in the book. I love dolls but have never really had the moolah to satisfy that little yen. Admittedly I am old and out of it - that said i have blundered onto a world I ne'er dreamed existed. I was browsing at the local book cum yuppie cafe o'let watering hole- hobnobbing with the NPR crowd, when my restless eye fell upon a magazine entitled HAUTE DOLL. The main thrust of this periodical was to cater to the current fashion doll produced. There is a sort of sado - masochistic look to a lot of these dolls - and l0, as i browsed I was literally enchanted by a wonderful doll artist named Marina something Russian who has a website called Enchanted Dolls. Naturally, I visited her site - I learned the term BJD (ball jointed Doll) -me who boasts 3 Armand Marseilles - two decent China heads of German origin and generally the flotsam and Jetsam cadged from various flea markets. Marina is coy as to her prices and these dolls are enough to make an old girl blush. She makes them with or without pubic hair, bite marks or tattoos as you specify. They all look like they are on the wrong end of the movie 91/2 weeks. Personally, the sit-upon is too much for me. The waifish bulimic look makes me sad - BUT - they are so beautiful - I think we are talking about a thou or so when all is said and done. Life has passed me by = money wise and taste wise and I never even knew it.

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