Thursday, November 20, 2008

I serialize the book

Merry Christmas to all the people who read this blog. Both of you can heat up the hot chocolate because I received my copyright certificate on my book and all the little words and big, and all the little pictures and big with which i wrote and illustrated the book. When i started this blog Mr. Achmahdinejad started his. I have never read his blog and don't intend to. I merely referenced him because we embarked on the cosmosphere together. I assume that the Iranian secret service reads mine because someone from Iran regularly monitors my site and googles my interest in that wily. honey- tongued potentate. Mr. A may settle down with kiddies at his knee to read my book. The heroines are innocent as any nine year old would like them to be. True, they are not swaddled in textiles, as many of the ladies are in his neck of the woods - nonetheless they are chastity and maidenly virtue personified. Men exist to them only as an impetus to don new outfits.

So without further ado = (I will repeat the cover and post the intro page - probably separately because i am clueless as to how to bundle the whole thing together)

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