Friday, April 10, 2009

brokee footee x2

Zounds. what a week!!!! Only a week ago I was a nubile gazelle. Moving forcefully and gracefully throughout my little domain. Picking up clutter or choosing not to, dipping into numerous projects and diversions - needlework, dollmaking, photoshop. geneaology, gardening. I was a restless lovely butterfly not content until each of my favorite "flowers" had been visited. But lo, something dwells within our little edens that cannot bear to see such simple and satisfying pleasure go on. And so I was to be cast into the pit of despond sooner than I could forget the second line of the lyrics to Saint Louie woman, the song i happened to be singing when fate and disaster rendered me the pitiable wretch I am today.

It was 7 or a little, AM - I had just finished brushing my teeth and imposing some sort of order to my hair - and humming the Saint Louie Woman bit about the diamond rings and musing how you bridge to apron strings - naked as the day i was born, when I stepped up on the little platform which separates the master bath from the utility room. My object was the dryer, or chifferobe as it is known in our home, where all clean clothes are stored. I slipped on something wet on the linoleum tile floor (dare i guess dog pee), and after a Frick and Frack moment- landed on my twisted right ankle. Here let me interject the time honored - snapped like a twig.

I lay there stunned and soon passed out altogether. Any thought of making progress with the lyrics of Saint Louie woman gone forever. After several bouts of nausea, I managed to roll over and in doing so broke the small toe on the other foot. Further passings out and waves of nausea.

About an hour later, I was able to crawl and limp (combo) to a phone where husband - poor soul- collected me and we have been having various hospital experiences ever since. I am casted up - can't drive - walk - or make it to the bathroom. I have become the Contessa Neroni in Trollope's Barchester Towers. But, by scootching up the stairs on my fanny, I can at least sit before my beloved mac and create something fun. I will post what I create.

I am thrilled to tell you that i have gotten my first hate male on this blog. A person who is apparently uninsured or uninsurable - not quite sure which he meant - anyway - this person took great umbrage at the Obamanation cartoon. From his tone and gist, I take it, he will not have the bottom tits of the government sow - lawsy no - he'll clamp on like a lamprey to prime tit real estate.


Margaret Dyer said...

Can't figure out why you'd receive hate mail. I love you!

Pickles N Popcorn said...

I found you via Spoonflower and I love your work. Sorry to hear about your ankle and toe and your hate mail. I think it is silly to write hate mail. Don't like it? Don't read it. That's my policy. :)

Lorraine PB said...

I'll have to share this with John. He may have read it, and, then again (since it doesn't have anything to do with architecture or handguns), he may not have.

Lorraine PB said...

I will share this with John. We fly to NC Monday (to see Sarah & Kurt)& will meet Don & Sharon Byrum next Thurs. in Fayetteville, NC.

Lorraine PB said...

I will share this with John