Tuesday, August 4, 2009

health care, Obama, and a world view

I am writing to you all from the ice flow. Luckily, as I drift out in the frigid air - but wait - another bit of luck. Al Gore has decreed global warming so it ain't so frigid after all. I'm also fortunate to think I won't be eaten by a polar bear. what are the odds of me running into one of the only three left outside of zoos?

When my government health care counselor showed me the charts and graphs and the powerpoint presentation, I could see that I had indeed used up all the oxygen alloted to me. He was such a kind young man and so persuasive. When he told me there were people much younger than myself that could benefit from my medicines - or I should say, what would have been my medicines, why I could see what was expected of me.

Of course, I was a bit offended when he asked me to step up onto the scale. It was hardly necessary for him to go into lifestyle choices and actuary and morbidity statistics. I'm sure I never meant to do harm to my fellow citizens. I don't smoke, have quiet hobbies, I guess what you would call a stodgy lifestyle but I would call wholesome, and just a teeny weeny glass of merlot or 3 at night.

No, it was hardly necessary to "blame" me for my future and imminent death for the greater good. Best to appeal to my altruism. To think of a young person unable to control his bladder because I was taking the Enablex he should, by right of youth have, would just be unthinkable. Also, the Actonel - but he would probably not have brittle bones yet. Those were the only meds I took but I guess the government knew I'd break a hip or get cancer, or alzheimer's and why should the United States of America have to put up with an old woman with any of those conditions. So unseemly - so expensive.

So, I guess I'll just drift around out here on the ice flow - soon to melt because of global warming - and palaver with the other old ladies drifting about. The sky is a beautiful blue, the water is a dazzling shade of aqua, I say adieu you beautiful old world you. But hark, what's this - its one of those dead as a dodo polar bears we've lost and lamented as portrayed on National Geographic . They assured me that by the very act of my living my life, I had destroyed them with my carbon emmissions and my eating a bag of potato chips. But what's this. What a big nose he has, and my what sharp teeth.

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