Thursday, August 13, 2009

obama and the hit list

I have arrived - not one but two letters from David Axelrod of the Whitehouse. He slurps at the great man's feet on a daily basis. Wowee. They need me - they need me to refute the angry mob of swastika bearing hooligans disrupting these town meetings. They need me to ridicule all of the well dressed (ala Barbara Boxer) nuts who presume to question the President's idea of what is best for America. I can't. I agree with them - except for those with the swastikas of course

The Congress and Senate are bewildered - even flabbergasted by the negative reaction. That should speak volumes. Irrefutable evidence of how distant Washington, D.C. is from their own constituents. They seem to feel that we are incapable of seeing what a great deal this is. We should all just open wide and swallow. I'm not going into all the problems with the healthcare proposal - others are more eloquent.

What disturbs me is the elitist attitude. To characterize protesters of the health care plan as nazis or white sheeted kkk people came from Nancy Pelosi on day one of the town hall forums. I happen to have the boob tube on all day and watched and heard that heap of evil vapidity say that about who???? At that time it was just het up regular citizens. Where the hell was she during Watts - or the Rodney King riots. Ask a few dead Korean store owners what a really angry mob is all about. That truck driver forever brain damaged.

The 13 year old kid that saw mean signs when she went to the NH Obama love fest cannot be real. It probably took all her mother's intellect and ingenuity to write out that question for her to read. How stupid and gullible does Obama think we are. Its this kind of tactic that leads to so much distrust. Maybe it is shocking to the media and the dems that just regular people are actually vehemently expressing their opinions. They are used to condoning real radicals. NAry a word was said when Bush was depicted as Hitler on several occasions - or when his motorcade was stoned - or when art films came out depicting his assasination. That was considered the people's right to voice their opnion. This shoe on the other foot bit is not to be tolerated.

Apparently David reads this blog. Dave - we need to break up. Please don't write again - I asked you the last time you wrote. i don't like the plan - I worry about it for my grandchildren- I have yet to see any politician with a talent for anticipating unintended consequences.

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