Sunday, August 23, 2009

posting new pic - but oh my health care

I went to see aged relatives in real need of health care. People that have paid into the system and therefore for everyone who hasn't for years - now they need help - but they will handle it privately and with dignity. Started a discussion on healthcare on facebook and the venomous hatred against Bush and repubs is palpable. On the other hand - we are being swept along by folks who voted for change - and that meant change from Bush - I'm not quite sure it mean change to France or change to canada. Obama is the blind date we pinned our hopes on and he turns out to be the (figuratively speeking) buck toothed, acne ridden oaf we will have to spend the next 4 years with. He either needs to grow up fast and take charge - or let nancy Pelosi and barney frank gross people out for the next four years so we can vote 'em all out.

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