Sunday, November 25, 2007

2nd post

Needless to say, I am a newbie at this. I am hoping to share some of my images but finding the in's and out's are beyond me (hmmm in - out - beyond) . If enlightenment should occur, I will post my Christmas card. In the meantime I find that the web is not all that is flummoxing me. I raise english budgies - not to sell - just because they are so cheerful and colorful. Well a hawk pried their cage door open and out flew my best birds - including two little husbands whose hens have given up sitting on their eggs. I'm afraid the Allstate saps have it right. Life is full of pitfalls and pratfalls.

I am in Savannah, GA - not too far from the ocean and very close to the forest river. So we have all kinds of riparian denizens. Besides the Uncle Remus characters, there are snakes, and the biggest spiders you have ever seen. Golden Orbs. I'm afraid the wayward keets are ill prepared for life in the low country. more adventures and upsets are to follow, I am sure.

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