Wednesday, November 28, 2007

So new at this that I am shocked when nudie photos vomit all over the screen. Geesh - all i did was try to add to my blog and by pressing a stray button the clamidia cuties show up. Then i couldn't get rid of them - the screen was like chewing gum on hot pavement. You step in it and it is molded to your sole. I finally banished them. I was afraid i would have to throw this computer away and buy another.

There is so much flesh ( male and female) laid bare - as it were. That one naturally wonders what snail trail they are leaving on sofa and cushion as they wend their way through the liberated lifestyle.

Just saw the new Coen brothers film and am currently churning. Message???? Money - no good - evil endures - perserverance bad if you are a good guy (or just an ordinary non psychopathic good ol' boy) every generation thinks the newest is the worst (point taken). It was long and just when i thought there were enough gruesomely dispatched bodies, we come to the one good soul who should not have been dispatched. At least she had some principal and at least she was a realist. You can't talk your way around the grim reaper.

I think Ingmar Bergman said it a little more eloquently. And the humiliation of death - the absolute cessation of you as an entity in the world - but worse in the seventh seal when death makes the corpses dance.

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