Thursday, January 31, 2008

Buckley Meets a Thing

Anyway, as i was saying. I had just been joyfully reunited with an embroidery project involving silk ribbons, beads and silk skeins of thread - not to mention expensive silk.

I need not tell you that dogs take a vital interest in all things human and where they think they can be helpful or perhaps, to join in any fun that is to be had, they count themselves present.

I don't know what he thought - maybe he thought I was preparing food-an activity dear to his heart. Afterall, I was in the kitchen and working on the island where, from time to time, food reigned down on him as he took his accustomed post - leaning imploringly into my left leg.

Anyway, as soon as I sorted out the jumble --- more later

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Margaret Dyer said...

I'm dying to know what happened "as soon as you storted out the jumble..."