Tuesday, September 9, 2008

another chapter

My apologies to the two people that read this blog. The book is growing like mad. It is surprising how many memories are stored in the old brain - pleasant and un. I have been so busy writing and collecting and creating drawings for the little situations the characters find themselves in, that i have neglected the blog. But I content myself that you will still check in now and again. I just copyrighted one of my images - so expensive to do and really so futile in the end I fear - but i do have a little certificate from the copyright office and i think I can do the whole book and all the illustrations (because if you don't have them - well what do you have!!) for one price. Yesterday, i compromised and gussied up a three ring binder with cloth - then i appliqued the title and the spine title. I must say after three attempts it still looks like crapola. But nil desperandum as Bertie would inquire of Jeeves, if the phrase fits.

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Margaret Dyer said...

omygod omygod omygod. I cannot wait to see this book. It's about damn time!