Thursday, September 18, 2008

The book is in the mail. i am sending an electronic copy to the copyright office. don't know to what end, but it is like carrying a rabbit's foot, I reckon. Or the crow's feather in Dumbo. I think you have to have the money to hire a lawyer to sue the offending thief of artistic imagination. it is what all residents of gated communities come to. I once lived in one of those because i was of the mind that my children would be exposed to educated peers. Yes and no. They were exposed, in the main, to people who had a recent progenitor living in a double wide. Consequently, these folk thought their McMansion of 3,500 sq ft- 2 1/2 baths - granite kitchen surfaces - was the ultimate mankind could achieve. Nevermind it was on a postage size lot and if they passed a fart the next door mansion owners would hear. The children in these communities were sadly lacking in any moral compass. The sum total of their education was an avowed and universal sneer at any manor of conveyance other than a BMW. But, and here is where it all unraveled, though they paid an ever increasing "neighborhood" fee to live in valhala, it "twarnt" actually enough to hire a lawyer and evict the guy who left his car out all night - or the lady who actually erected a clothes line (so offenive to the sensitivities of the truly refined) because she likes the smell of sunshine on her sheets - no, no. The sum they were paying - it turns out, was mainly that of maintenance of the grounds - all that mowing and pruning - yes valhala looked great when you drove home from a 10 hour day (just to make the mortgage) but it really looked good for the sales office in charge of selling your little slice of heaven. As to the eyesores - car outside garage, fence 3" above rules, clothes line (fresh sheets be damned)= well it turns out the homeowners have to go outside to a law office to enforce the rules. In the end, one is left with officious shrub nazis, leaving little poison pen letters in the offender's mailbox that their garage door was open all night or they were supposed to have two trees and twelve shrubs. So revealing as to personal character. In short, I am jaded as to the real "teeth" the copyright office has but will do it anyhoo.

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