Monday, September 22, 2008

the artist in kansas

I lived in wichita fo r 11 years, Never saw so much dust and wind - never saw so much sky - never saw so much smugness. Take it back - lived in New England too and never saw so much provincial thinking. kansas looked like the bloody age of enlightenment. Anyway, i raise cairns, I live with Burmese cats and at the time i made this print, i lived in good old Wichita. Nice folks - reliably vanilla ice cream eaters. I'll pass on - sent my book to sister and friend and art venue in wichita - art venue has responded - sister and friend hain't. One can hardly call and say did you like it, did you like it, huh huh, did you like it. Obvioulsy not. Boo hoo - lots of work = I liked it - what do I know.

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