Monday, October 27, 2008

The 12 Dancing Princesses

One of my very favorite fairy tales. It has all the elements -fairy tales always include numbers - 3 - 7 12, etc. They usually involve a task in which the hero - the youngest, stupidest, handsomest, etc. seeks to free or discover or bring back some thing or other at great peril to himself or his mother or siblings. In this case a king is exasperated to find his 12 daughters wear their shoes out each and every night. They are under a spell in which they must dance the night away. Our hero is given a magic cloak (another old stand by) by which he is able to follow the girls and eventually free them of their tiring task. As reward he is given the choice of one as his bride. Naturally, he chooses the youngest (another favorite element). Please read the story - it is wonderful and I have forgotten much of it. I just love the image of 12 little princesses curtseying and spinning all night long.

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