Thursday, November 6, 2008

tuck comb doll

i am taking an online doll making class offered by Gail Wilson. She specializes in historical dolls. In this case it is a Tuck Comb doll circa 1820 -1850. it is great fun. You get a blank paper mache head - arms and legs which you sand and then paint. Lessons are posted about every two weeks until voila - you, depending on your skill level with the sewing machine, come out with a reasonable replica of an antique doll. The wonderful thing about this doll is that she is so blank. She is a true tabula rasa . Gail provided us with pictures of dolls in museums and i did my level best to embellish her as some of the fancier ones were. It is fun going to bead shops and flea markets to find suitable jewelry and material for her clothing. I will post more pics.

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