Friday, October 10, 2008


Back in the day - when i painted all the time and strove (if that's the word I want) to be a great painter, this was one of my favorite models. Very dramatic person- wonderfully picturesque - tortured looking even. Full of brooding far aways. That is the thing about using a model. Unless you are quick like zee bunny - which I'm not - you are apt to get all kinds of unintended expression and mood. Who knows what the hell they are thinking. Maybe lovers, loss, regret 0r maybe they are trying to remember what they need to pick up at the store. An entrepenurial model once invited artists to her home to sketch her. She had an exquisite body and a lovely face but she had Chopin playing throughout the session and very soon large tears were running down her face. I heard she moved to New Orleans and died there. Maybe just a rumor - I hope-it was quite off putting. i didn't have the skill of Eakins but needed it. His portrait of Mrs. Mahon makes me cry. Models must have oodles of time for reflection - the rest of us live our loves avoiding it.

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