Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Befouled by technology

You can create 'til the cows come home - but if you can't print it - it devolves to your heirs to somehow crack the computer code and reproduce your little designs. I am in the 3 year cycle for Apple and Epson. That is a built in Dr. Kevorkian has planted a wee wittle cyanide pill in my - to me- very expensive Adobe programs and my printer. My printer is deemed one sufficient to meet the needs of a semi-pro. - what the hell is that you ask - well apparently you purchase the best you can afford from good ol' Epson and they decide - based on your ante- whether you are a pro or a scrapbooker with a head cheer leader as a place marker for Jon Benet Ramsey. Now I suppose I could enter one of their bogus "win me's" for the 7900 but we would have to remortgage the house to afford the ink.

As it stands, i have the 2400 now superceded by the 2880. My 2400 has put its foot down - it has wearied of such onerous tasks such as printing custom sizes. Try as i might, it simply refuses to print a 5X7 Christmas card. Furthermore, printing on velvet art paper from the rear is not to be tolerated. I, know - the little yellow exclamation warning thingy - so cute- tells me i have given the wrong signal, the wrong paper size, the wrong this that and the other. But no, I scream into an unfeeling cosmos - i have done everything right. Still, the hopping distress signal. But what the hell am i thinking my printer is 3 years old - in human years that is 256.

This moves me to the mac GS5 I have - the be all and end all. Only mine, I am told predates the intel component. My machine, it transpires is yesterday, a dinosaur. Steve Jobs is ashamed he even sold the thing to me. I purchased a plug in - the machine had a major hissy and Photshop refused to aknowledge me - me of all people - me who makes the whole bleeping thing go (as Gov. Blagoyevich would say) me who has faithfully upgraded right along as Steve has urged me to do. I haven't gone to CS4 - economic down turn and all - but other than that, i have been a fellow traveller in Steve's vision of Mac and Adobe. The man who created the plug in assumed that since photoshop refused to aknowledge me and therefore did not recognize the serial number of the plug in I purchased, assumed i would be buying a brand new computer - complete with intel immediately.

Well folks, I need a bail out. Chicken feed when you compare me to Wall Street, GM et al. I know, I know - whereas i have probably made but a few hundred from my work (I don't count the folks in India who rip off my designs - hey if they can make money off of them they are better men than I am Gunga Din- I just say - i've got the begging bowl out with all the rest. Alas, i have hit the rubbish heap built in regarding Mac and Epson - yet, I still have these gosh darned creative ideas - :Gotta dance - Gotta dance. I may have to take the tarp off the printing press and buy some new oil painting brushes. Technology sucks.

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