Monday, December 8, 2008

hitler - geobels et al

Sorry i have neglected this blog but helzapoppin. I just saw a documentary on Goebels. His diary was read by Branaugh - it was a PBS effort. i'd have to give it a C. It seemed very selective- you had to know what transpired between his written passages to really see the thing in context. i have to think that anybody 18-30 wouldn't get it all. A pert young lass in a creative writing class I took, felt she would have some cache by way of being a transplant to Germany for two semesters as part of her academic program. My proffesor asked her how many nazis ( is the plural nazie) she met in her academic exchange student ramblings. Thinking she'd be the jolly good fellow for the day she was somewhat taken aback. None she said - of course not - none. He said jokes on you - they all were.

Seeing the videos of two closet homos was somewhat comical. I kept waiting for Margaret Dumont and harpo to show up. The fat ass Goering in his Gilbert and Sullivan Costumes of the Modern Major General. The tiny rat king Goering - so many people he vowed would be exterminated who had slighted him, disrespected him or his mother, under- esitmated him or, God forbid, were Jewish. That sick devotion of Hitler. And H - himself. As my old father would say - a trio of limp wristed bastards. The shocking distortion of a burned human being - in his case, he looked like a cane toad with a diaper on. And the sick a-hole killed his children - they were laid out like cord wood. Madness! Are we headed there again?

Are we ripe for it now. Hitler said he was going to change Germany from top to bottom. So says Obama - the only thing that separates the two scenarios is the fact that Republicans are 43%. When Hitler took over the financial engines were bankrupt. He promised to set Germany back on its feet and put every man to work. I'm hoping Obama is just an idealist and that his vow to place an energy meter in every home is but the pie in the sky dream of a man who will soon face the reality that this is America not Sweden. If Santa is really good to me this year, i'm wishing Pres. O will see the folly of forcing every american to public service for two years - we ain't Israel. It would be lovely but it can't be forced unless we want to throw over what America is. And oh yes, rich people aren't evil. I'm not rich in any monetary way, but I support the efforts of those who are rich. If the dollar bill and the getting o' it is their reason detre, then have at it.
Remember the Mellons, the Carnegies, the John Beresford Tiptons and God Bless them for their donations of arts, libraries, insitutes of learning. I don't think Jeeters Lester would have the imagination to spread the wealth. He'd spend it on a meaner fighting cock. So much for my opinion of the great unwashed.

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Margaret Dyer said...

OK. So you should be writing political commentaries. If you submitted this to my local paper (Carrollton, GA), you'd undoubtedly get printed. Not so sure about the Atlanta Journal (ruk, ruk). How about submitting to National Review or something like that? You are scathing.