Tuesday, January 27, 2009

current affairs

I'm so confused - let me get this straight - we are prosecuting Maddoff (sp?) but approving Geithner for sec of treasury - I'm not sure why - he seems as great a liar and cheat but apparently the inept and confused in the house and senate have been persuaded that he is just the ticket to set our little world aright. Apparently he can readily pipe up with 56 when asked 8X7 - or more trickily , 7X8 - the house and the senate are agog. A consensus of the members would have answered 49 and thus, would have had to hang their heads in shame.

we are prosecuting Blago yet Murtha and Rangel are assured that their downy heads will stay firmly on their shoulders. Just wondering how these tenacious electees of the people = devoted to the people's work- come into their careers relatively po and leave so velly velly rich.

All this talk of millions of jobs. The infrastucture. Roads, bridges, ditches, rest stops - riveting - hewing - hewing ???? forget hewing - reconstituting recycled products. It's so 30's - so Woody Guthrie - so Job family. What about the 5,000 laid off by Microsoft. Can their intellects be diverted to citrus picking in california? Poor saps went to college - majored in Computer fields - vied and struggled to get into meaningful schools so as to position themselves to be attractive to top echelon comapanies in their chosen fields.

These saps were duped into a skies the limit mentality - technology was king. Wealth was based on knowledge, intellect, a facile nimbleness and adaptability in the ever changing internet. So much for their love of the coffee shops, micro breweries, fine wines and labrador retrievers - their faux country squire ways - ix nay on the intelligentsiayay.

We are into a new world which is beginning to take shape- in my humble o- in disturbing ways. Blue collars are in for the folk. If you feel the guvment should take care of you and your'n - you're in. If you have never paid income tax - you are golden. You will get the benefits- because why - you pay sales tax, and payroll tax - so do the people who will now support you but we will reward you for your choices in life. You are unfortunate and pitiful and we will pay you to continue to be so.

If you are Muslim with a grievance - you are in. If you are in any way Arab or know an Arab you may find yourself a candidate for an apology from our president. We will apologize because we are hardworking Americans whose great toil and ingenuity has produced a nation of amazing wealth which we by and large distribute throughout the population. We are so sorry that your leaders, by and large, tolerate their own lands being run on a potentate fiefdom where the wealthy leaders require 127 jumbo jets to vacation with their extended families. while Achmed watches his children die of disease and hopes the hell the camel lives for another year. We understand that any dissent or bitterness you feel cannot be expressed to your leaders- the consequences would be far reaching and final, not only for you, but for your future generations. Far better to cast your eyes to the united States - kill a few of us - wrap your robes about your loins and blaze with sanctity at the very rightness of wiping out Mr. Weston, husband, father of three, Methodist, and owing $85,000 on his house, $12,000 on his Mastercard, $11.583.29 on his automobile. His widow was luckily able to claim the $532.10 in his Christmas saving account. Not quite enough to bury him.

No we are moving into an era of road builders, ditch diggers, riveters, union men. Folks with a grievance. Folks who has big shoulders with bigger chips on "em. Folks who just hates rich folks. Now we're gonna get straight.

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Anah said...

People seem to believe that it was Roosevelt's New Deal that brought us out of the Depression when in fact the credit lies with WWII.

(Sorry to hear about your broken feet! - Heard about it from Spoonflower.)