Friday, January 23, 2009

Sweet Caroline and what to make of this Obama bird

I feel so bad for the daughter of Camelot - La belle avec merci - reminds me so much of my feckless self, Dipping a toe - withdrawing a toe - oh well, I trust I will no longer have to think of her or have her vacillating self nattered on about. i like to watch the news but I generally avoid tragedy - Me i always read the last chapter of a new book first to see if the protagonist dies, or is maimed or in any way is diminished - I'm too squeamish to abide it. I do love Gong Li of the Chinese cinema and have seen her immured, driven crazy, buried alive, dyed to death, opiumed to senility - but with her I make an exception. Gong Li aside, I like to watch the news without having to cast a sigh over the demise of camelot. A load of crap foisted on a a nation longing to shop at harrod's. I well remember the same crowd confident that her mother would assume virgin mary satus as the widowed mother of the messiah and the shock to their vapid systems when she,(Jackie), appeared on the cover of LIfe Magazine in a skin tight spanish gaucho number on a firey steed complete with a bobble hat sombrero and if I remember correctly hoisting a glass of wine. Then that unfortunate marriage to that Greek man whose unhappy daughter hated her. A little too human for the millions so willing to confer sainthood. Now the daughter - thank God she took stock of what was important in her life and raised the third finger to one and all involved in the folly of suggesting she be appointed the "elite maven Senator." IF she took this step to please or live up to family expectations, I have a little experience in that foolish enterprise and say hail - oh retreating daughter of Camelot.

On to the anointed one. So far not so good. Closing Guantanamo - memo to O - our standing in the world depends a great deal on what we have done for the world lately. small point but important - I just read an account of ladies of the Raj and in the late 1800's "two fat American ladies" made a visit to India and provided a welcome diversion for the British ladies who were able to turn their scorn on these gormless and gauche nerds. I think the world sees us as J C Penny shoppers of no pedigree and no table manners. A people who would blurt "gosh all fish hooks" at seeing the winged victory in the louvre or "gosh it ain't that big" while in the presence of the Mona Lisa. We are but baby Huey to the rest of the sophisticated world. Its so amusing to think that this revulsion encompasses the bluest blue blood in Boston and that the intelligentsia of Europe makes no distinction between an American Brahmin and a member of the school board in Sandusky, Ohio.

Mr. o is determined to apologize for our gaucheness and get right with the world. Fie on W and his cowboy ways. We are walking a new path - an enlightened path - a path where we fall in well behind the United Nations - say behind Belize. Nobody in the world is going to like us any better and indeed we may inadvertently be upsetting the "world". Think how convenient we have been to shoulder the tough going in the war on terror. oops now there is no war on terror. If we say that these guys at gitmo just got a raw deal and were in the wrong place at the wrong time and let them all go - to where we don't know - the world (what world O is thinking of he hasn't made clear) will have to take them back to wherever they came from. Not so fast say world.

Tonight Khadaffi set us straight - there is no big terror movement - just a little grievance. He thinks O should meet with Bin Laden and see what's up with the dude. what's the problem? Is it madonna, Brittaney Spears, Donald Trump = just what? I'm sure o will accomodate where he can. O has bigger fish to fry than a misguided holy man in a cave in Afghanistan. Someone has apprised o that fat people are the crux of America's health problems. By taxing them for every pound over the scientifically approved profile for their height and weight we can turn the economy around, save their fat worthless lives and reduce green house gasses or something or other.

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