Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My adventures in fabric design

I have been looking for a fabric printer for ages - all very expensive and out of touch for me. However a kind lady who bought some of my cards qued me into Spoonflower. So far i have had six of my designs printed. You cannot imagine the gratification of seeing your design on a yard of fabric. Of course, in my case, as always, there are unforeseen bobbles - like scaling problems and patterning problems but I am new to it all and feel sure that I will get the hang of heading off any little awkwardnesses that occur. One little thing concerns me. Some people upload "found" images. Hope the hell they don't "find" mine.

That is always a worry. I am definitely on the side of the artist - Let me say again - the artist - not the bird that "finds" the artist's work. I once attempted to purchase some children's illustrations on ETSy. Dealt with a most unpleasant woman - it has soured me on the whole enterprise really. It was one of those download a disc deals and two weeks had to go by before her bank statement or something was delivered to her hot little hands. I had never experienced such caution over a $9.00 purchase. Nonetheless we corresponded - at first amicably - then acrimoniously as the time went on. I was charged immediately on my account. Indeed, the statement showed the transaction and still the dope would not remit the goods.

As we went on, I began to form a mental picture of the lady. A fat, fussy cat owner, with many a ruffled lampshade. Someone who darts in at 7:59 AM at estate sales that start at 8:AM. Sadly, i never got the goods. MIND You, she couldn't create something if presented with a canvas, the original pallet of Sargent, and a how to book by John Nagy. She claimed that these images - some by Lucy Atwell amongst many others were copyrighted by her. Jesus Wept. Anyway, when I told the "entrepenour" that I no longer wished to purchase, she threatened to blackball me on EtSy unless I gave her a satisfactory. Hark to that. Since then, I have been very awake to these "copyrights" or so called. One group on the internet - I looked up circus posters to get the feel of what the 19th century considered a circus poster for my dog piece- was charging $300 for a download of circus images by a German lithographer. Streuth, I'm hardpressed to get $10 bucks for my stuff. Jesus Wept again.

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