Friday, January 9, 2009

Tina Fey and Camenot

I was in the grocery store the other day pausing twixt the hunting and gathering to linger at the books and magazines. I guess quilting is out - 3 bead magazines though for those of us with real time on our hands. Anyhoo, what do I see but a cover of Tina Fey tricked out like she is a patriot. Funny gal. Right then and there the idea popped into my mind that since Sara Palin has died the death proscribed for her and that there, and all, she and her fellow jesters at SNL should be craving some fresh meat about now.

Who pops into my head but the legatee of Camelot ya know. Like she is perfect for like what SNL calls parody. Caroline ya know Von Schlosberg. Sour note there ya know, but we'll forget that last name and go by Kennedy. She's real qualified ya know. Been to the best schools, has long blonde hair ya know, and appeals to the right kind of society. And she says, ya know, the time is right for her to step into her ya know, destiny and lead the great unwashed. She has been sheltered from the great unwashed her whole life, but if you could just point out a real housewife or cab driver, or public school teacher, she's ready to lead 'em, for their own good ya know. Cause she is good, ya know. Been doing good deeds and charity her whole life ya know.

A real blue blood ya know and you can see it in her face. There is real strength there and a faint touch of the hunt - a face that combines not only the horse but the hare. Tina can make much of that. A combination of William F Buckley and Edna Mae Oliver, only toothier.

I think Tina has a lot to work with and I look forward to the hilarious send up I know she will do.
Not only does she have the physical actuality of the daughter of Camelot, there is that funny pulsing vein that pops out when la belle con merci is actually asked a question ya know, by a reporter other than one piddling down his leg at the heady notion that he, a nobody from DuBuque, is in the presence of honest to God American royalty. La Belle princess, turns a bit , sarcastic. Any question is apt to elicit this turn - oh say, "do you think your lack of experience will hamper you in leading the great unwashed."

Out of bounds, ya know. Jesus Christ, who let that bastard in here, can be read so easily on the formerly placid regal brow. Anyway, I'll endeavor to stay up for SNL and look forward eagerly to the Camelot segments.

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