Sunday, January 27, 2008

Happy Valentines's Day- Cupid and his many loves

I didn't make this guy in time for any capitalistic profit. Such is the inexorable fate I am destined to live out. Always the gal who just talked her mother into the crinoline skirt-descripton of skirt follows- black with powder blue crinolines onto which i sewed about 30 jingle bells). Alas, all the world is now wearing the body hugging slim line with the peek-a-boo slit up the back hem. Not that I ever had much to peek at. No - I swept triumphantly and jangily into West Miami Junior High only to know the bitterness and emptiness of the phony gesture. That 6 yards of crinoline which had required no less than 3 hissy fits, was no more me than the vampish straight skirt I was soon to adopt along with the Veronica Lake hairstyle. And I wore it only the one time - to much ridicule.

Junior High - surely Dante missed a category - anyway-
the muse was late and I was looking further on in the season. Winter has never been my fave. Violets and lilacs are more in my line. But I will pass on something I read and I think it is worth noting. According to folklore, St. Valentine's day is the day that birds choose their mates. So there you go - I can now begin to shed some of the clutter in my brain so that when I am diaper bound in some rest home, I don't mutter this in the ear of an insensitive lout (an embittered diaper changer) who reports me to the front office who will deem me gaga and suspend bingo priveleges.

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Margaret Dyer said...

So, if someone wanted to purchase your Valentine card, how could they do it?