Wednesday, September 24, 2008

the cover of the book

The book is in the can so to speak. It is in the hands of the copyright office and now I am just making the many outfits required by the main characters - harder than you might imagine. Anyway that is not what I want to talk about. I feel, and have for a very long time, that the constant intravenous drip we get of hopeless negativity is apt to get one down. I had to quit watching nature because there was not one whale or orangutan I could save. I couldn't save Diane Fossey or Joy Adamson or Timothy Treadwell. I have carried my ineffectual leanings into the current global warming/stock market/housing market crises. I hope they are not counting on me to save the world because it has been driven home to me that me and my wittle ol' self can't do a damn thing about anything. I'm seriously considering not voting. To think that my country is in so much trouble - not of my doing, mind - but, as in the case of the narwhale and its demise - there is not a thing I can do to help. Can't think that either of the men running can do much either. The old silverback with his cagey pol ways - hmm- or the gormless youngster with nothing really to show me but an overweaning love of the limelight. Likened to Kennedy - Camelot (ha) - Adkinson disease -Viet Nam - bay of pigs - Judith Exnor - Sam Giancanna - sadly it was not all the breast beaters would have us think. I used to believe that these leaders were motivatd by a higher ideal of service - After watching congress and the senate these past several decades, I have come to the conclusion that politics attracts, in the main, meglomaniacs with the gift of gab who arrive with a scruple or two then shed them as quickly as possible. I've never heard of one who has left poor. And as to leaving - they hang on to power
as fiecely as barnacles on a sperm whale. Such a great country and so sullied by the glib hucksters who run Washington. It is all so wearying.

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Margaret Dyer said...

I'm afraid I completely agree with you on the politics. Just finished reading "Rome Wasn't Burnt in a Day" by Joe Scarborough. Oy.