Monday, October 6, 2008

5th avenue

I watched a show on the evolution of dogs and learned some things - like, for instance, they are descended from wolves but not created over millenia. They apparently just came poof - from being selected for tameness. Then it was the work of the moment to turn them into dogs. That part hung together because they had the study of a Russian scientist working with foxes. Within three generations, selecting only the docile ones to breed, he came up with perfectly tame and multicolored foxes. Pretty fascinating stuff. But part two was disappointing. They really never could explain the Pekingese. Short poem (by anonymous)-
The Pekingese enjoy their ease,
And slumber like the dead,
In comfort curled, they view the world
As one unending bed.
We had a great one named Jaga - I've always had cairns and when it was time for everyone to go out in the morning, he would station himself at the door and count heads. If there was a lagger he would dash around to nip the offending dog. He did the same when it was time to come in - he would wait outside the door and count the dogs. When every one had come in, he would come in with all the pomp and signifigance of the Imperial Palace gatekeeper. i miss him everday.

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